japanese samurai swords
street racer japan asked:

i love katana swords and theb way of a ninja and samurai not to mention the anime like samurai champloo and i love to collect japanese swords and other culture stuff but me becoming a detective means i carry a gun an d might have to use it but wont that discrace me of my japanese ways or is it ok to like japanese culture stuff and still use gun

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7 Comments to “when i grow up i want to be a detective but?”

  1. PK says:

    Be a Japanese detective. I think they carry swords instead of guns.

  2. those_shoose_r_mine_betch says:

    …become japanese detective in japan………………. or you can be a secret agent ninja in disguise

  3. Beatchanter says:

    No, that will in no way be a disgrace. In fact, I consider police detective to be America’s modern day Samurai. Their Guns, which are best if they don’t need to use them, are much the same as the Katana, and when you meet a few cops, you’ll see how well they treat their sidearms.

  4. michael says:

    you will end up as a regular cop first. good luck.

  5. Kris L says:

    Your love of the ‘Japanese martial arts culture’ will actually HELP YOU become a cop and then a detective … and it’s ‘okay’ for you to carry a gun, and you’ll be ‘better able’ to decide whether to ‘pull it and use it’ or not when the time comes, because of your ‘love’ of the martial arts now.

  6. TKDboy says:

    Are you japanese? If not, I can’t see how collecting their cultural stuff should effect you in holding a gun. You can’t stop a bad guy with a sword, can you? I wouldn’t say forget your dream just because of your hobby. I like swords and that kind of stuff too, but that doesn’t mean it has to be my life.

  7. specialaccess says:

    I see you man! The aged and wisened be-scpectacled detective – I say aged and wisened because by now you’ve retired – after 40 years “in the force” – gray from the years and stooped a little but man, what a collection you own… You must really have a love of your ancestory – the richness of culture from across the years past live right there on your walls.

    It’s been a struggle and well, then of course this is what I asked for… Oh well time for bed…… I wonder when the kids will come around again…. Geez it was bonza to see them…..

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