japanese samurai swords
Get him! asked:

Okay, I was in middle of a war. I was one of the soldiers in white going up against bunch of japanese samurais. Our side got smashed through really quick and soon everyone was either killed or captured except me; I hid in a room somewhere and nobody found me. (I think I killed like 3 people when they were alone or something I don’t really remember.) That room had someone else, too that was my ally.

And then a samurai guy found us and then I said something in English and he bowed. He listened to me and then brought me to the Lieutenant guy in charge and he made me one of his aids or something and actually listened to me. I suddenly became one of them. What the hell???

What does this mean? I don’t get it.


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3 Comments to “What does this dream about samurais coming after me with swords and then somehow I became one of them wth?”

  1. Blind Trap says:

    I think you wanna take control of something in your life but fails it.

  2. amy b says:

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  3. Jeff says:

    Does the movie “The Last Samuri” ring a bell. Maybe you have been watching too much of it?

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