jcorrov.toddilee.hop.clickbank.net Dear Friend, If you’re interested in Ninja’s, Samurai’s, Martial Arts, Ninja Swords, Throwing Stars, Smoke Bombs, Ninja Weapons, Stealth, Assassins, Espionage, the Art of Ancient Warfare… in fact anything to do with Ninja Warriors at all… then this is the most important message you will ever read! Heres why: There is an amazing new ebook called, “Ninja Secrets Revealed.” It covers heaps of cool stuff about Ninja’s and just about everything you need to …

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14 Comments to “The Ultimate KICK-ASS Book Of Ninja Secrets…This Is Like The Bible”

  1. dabrovi402 says:

    axaxaxaxaxa yeah dude axaxaxa chunck

  2. ronin36 says:

    bruce too fast for the sound effects

  3. JamesVmusic says:

    Bruce Lee can do everything Chuck Norris can do……but better.

  4. goshops says:

    This is a spar. It was revealed in an interview that they had it unscripted. Other than Bruce would win.

  5. dabrovi402 says:

    if you have 5 dollars and chuck noris has five dollars chuck norris has more money than you

  6. Shalom680 says:

    terrible acting

  7. DarkenedPsycho says:

    I think in a real fight Bruce would have gained victry with one quick kick and then a follow up to knock him down while he was dazed, this fight was scripted to save the dignity of Chuck Norris.

  8. Graknithall says:

    go bruce lee…fuck chuck

  9. hiddan356 says:

    Loveee it….heheheXD

  10. pcnhsKevin says:

    hahahahaha!!…LOL at 7:20..hohoho

  11. ItalianGamerPro says:

    my favorite part is when it zooms on the kitten

  12. sgttris says:

    aww wait he lost…. D:

  13. sgttris says:

    go chuck!

  14. jasbone says:


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