Visit HAZ at: — The Golden Scorpion Katana (The Giant Hadrus Scorpion) is a premier World Class Hand Forged weapon created from a select grade of 1095 AISI High Carbon Steel. The Golden Scorpion possesses a 5/8 inch sori (blade curvature) and a 28 ¾ inch blade teamed with a 11 ¼ inch Silk [...]

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Visit “HAZ” at: – Watch this video in “HQ” & FULL SCREEN. THE BLACK OBAKE (obakemono) Japanese Katana with its 1.25 inch Deep Sori (blade curvature) is a fully hand-forged clay tempered and differentially hardened Tameshigiri Quality Sica shaped cutter possessing a bright and authentic Notare Hamon (temperline). Created from a select grade of [...]

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Visit “HAZ” at: – Watch in “HQ” & FULL SCREEN. Forged from the finest JAPANESE STEEL, the “BLACK SORI MASTER” Japanese Samurai Katana Sword with its impressive 1″ Deep Sori Blade Curvature, is a newly designed Competition Grade Cutter for Martial Artists who professionally compete in tameshigri contests and iaido demonstrations. This World Class [...]

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