Join NinjaGym Martial Arts Club Online for FREE to share your thoughts on Martial Arts. It’s a social network for Martial Artists. http Sensei Rick Tew demonstrating a Ninja Sword technique from his Martial Science Ninjitsu System. To learn more

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3 Comments to “Rick Tew Wooden Sword Bokken Ninjitsu weapon Drills”

  1. Amishprn86 says:

    I been teaching martial arts for 10 years now, 1 thing to note is that not ever style or school has the same names and meanings for the names, a good idea is instead of saying “This is angle 1,2,3″ other than that im happy watching it

  2. JSE5k4t3 says:

    “Step, walk, cut throat” haha xD

    nice movies tho!

  3. ShinobiMystic says:

    Thanks for showing us how to use the Bokken sword. I love that you added the angles of the footage. Thanks for your great explanations sensai!

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