Using Ninja weapon Kyoketsu Shoge after class at the New Jersey Bujinkan Bujutsu Kan in Bloomfield, NJ. Please visit or http for more information.

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23 Comments to “Ninja Weapons Kyoketsu Shoge”

  1. shinobiryukenden says:

    Thanks for the comments. We actually were just hanging out after class was over and only practicing the lasso part. There is alot more to using this weapon and takes alot of practice and training.

  2. shinobiryukenden says:

    LoL =D

  3. crazyninjaful says:

    On a side note, a Japanese person told to abstain from mimicking Buddhist chants. He became very superstitious during childhood when his pet bird suddenly died after he attempted to sing a chant.

    Moral of the story: Do not buy a pet bird.

  4. crazyninjaful says:

    I normally take the piss out of ninjers but I have to say that I applaud your Kyoketsu Shoge training efforts. It takes a lot of work to master the lasso technique.

  5. FlyingNunchuck84 says:

    Wow! that’s really cool! U can also grapple with those things!

  6. shinobiryukenden says:

    If you have time, check YouTube Ukemistry Channel, and find the video “This is Bujinkan”, there is a short skit that starts at 2:00 min that shows the Uke resisting the Tori who has the rope.

  7. shinobiryukenden says:

    You are right they wouldnt keep holding the weapon like that, unless they are trying to pull the opponent in or fight back. But in this video we were only practicing the lasso part, so there was no resistance. you can find some videos where the opponent fight back or tries to use the rope against him only to get lassoed and tied up.

  8. xubermanx says:

    This looks like a pretty cool weapon, but I was wondering why would your opponent keep holding on to the ring after you’ve started tying them up and strangling them? The arts that I study don’t involve rope weapons, so I’m not asking as a challenge.

  9. shinobiryukenden says:


  10. ShinobiNoTodai says:

    Nice Shoge Technique.

  11. ChucklesJack says:

    Thanks dude, your a life saver.

  12. shinobiryukenden says:

    Yes those chinese made weapons are not meant for real combat but for decoration. Look up Korisuya for real weapons you can use.

  13. ChucklesJack says:

    I used to have a shoge, I tried to climb with it and the chain broke (made in china, go figure.) It’s actually more effective to use a rope or wire for a shoge, it’s also easier to control.

  14. sanshin9 says:

    Good stuff. It looks easy but man…it’s hard at first!

  15. kissrdbc says:

    i have Kyoketsu Shoge there good weapon but need real one next cuple of year but fun to train with i have find all used of it it like 30 but i have do it had way know and learn lololo i love this video dude

  16. shinobiryukenden says:

    Just recently I was shown a different way to teach the loop trick, so I will see if I can record it and post it soon. It took me awhile to understand how it worked and how to teach it to others. Basically just create the loop on the floor first so you can understand how to manipulate the rope. Then from there work your way off the ground, to make the loops in the air, and then aim at the person hand, and use your legs to control the direction the loop travels.

  17. computron808 says:

    Awesome technique!! I`ve been trying 4 years to get it down..Just a few weeks ago I nailed it a few times..But now it seems my power has gone..LOL Any tips u can give me??What is the best type of rope and what thickness???

  18. shinobiryukenden says:

    This was filmed after class and we were only trying to understand how the lasso worked. That is why the uke (me) was not actively trying to do anything. There are some kata and waza set up that way to allow the tori to work on a particular skill first. I do agree that in reality this is not very effective, especially in this video where we were just trying to understand the feeling of this weapon. Some people watched this video and were able to learn the lasso trick. Happy it helped someone.

  19. zanderking says:

    you know what, this shoge thing is good but i hate it whan you guys try and make it look undefensable, why not have the person actively trying to not to get caught instead of just letting the gut with the weapon do what he wants.

  20. shinobiryukenden says:

    I agree it is more fun then practical. Also we were just having fun at the end of the class. I am glad you were able to learn using this video, that is great. I will check out your vids, thanks for you comments. Good luck in your training! Gambatte Kudasai.

  21. 77AJNIN says:

    Hey guy`s, cool technic!! I trained this for two weeks after watching this video. I don`t know if this works on the street but it`s a lot of fun to perform this trick. I was surprised, that my trainer (Who is the BEST in the world of course!!) could explain me how it works, but not perform it. So I have to teach him now! If You like to, watch some of our videos from “ninjutsu-hh”. So I have to leave now, training is waiting….

  22. shinobiryukenden says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Ha ha, yes there is hoovering boy in the beginning of the vid, because class had ended and getting ready to clean up and close the dojo. Rafael and I were just experimenting of what can be done for a few minutes before we had to leave.

  23. SignoreFOX says:

    did i smoke weed ? is there a hoovering boy in this vid ???

    Poor video poorissimo

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