Learn how to do non-blade sword strikes with expert tips and advice on fighting with katanas in this free martial arts video from our expert Tres Tew.

Expert: Tres Tew
Contact: www.christianmartia…

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10 Comments to “How To Fight With A Katana Sword : How To Do Non-blade Strikes With A Katana”

  1. Antihero829 says:

    hahahahahahaha “look at that guy walking down the street with a katana, why don’t we mug him?”

  2. GrungeBabeSharri says:

    LMAO haha me too, me too. *Wipes tears from eyes*

  3. llikepie says:

    funny how he says walking down the street.

  4. Assassan666 says:

    lol yeah true, but woudnt it be fun if u can walk down the street with a katana ? haha

  5. disturbedAnon says:


  6. Sinkoga66 says:

    how long have you been fencing i’m going on 6 years now

  7. ChadzTalk says:

    so true

  8. Necro1707 says:

    do u even know 1 that those? XD

  9. Solthiel says:

    This fucking guy.

  10. thusitha320 says:

    cut the first guy who laugh…..then i m pretty sure the next guy wont

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