katana swords
Muzza asked:

How much do authentic japanese katana swords cost?
I mean using the traditional methods by folding and repeating.

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9 Comments to “How much do Authentic japanese katana swords cost?”

  1. skwurl.skwurl says:

    authentic? $3,000 to $20,000

    really depends on the quality and history behind the sword

  2. Alex says:

    Depends on what you mean by authentic. If you mean one made in Japan, or antique, you could be looking at numerous thousands of dollars. If you mean one that is high-quality and made following the traditional methods, or close approximations, than you can find some for around $1000. If you want a steel sword, but don’t really care about having folded, high quality steel than you could find some for as low as about $100.

  3. Shihan J says:

    that depends on what you want, an antique will run you a lot.

    my katana cost about $2000 and that’s an inexpensive one.

  4. wild_thing says:

    well ve seen some for 30

  5. Justin says:

    A shinken (meaning true, functional sword) can cost a great deal.

    In Japan, you must be licensed to make them and you are limited to using old school techniques and to an upper limit on how many you can make each year.

    That said, a new sword can cost $5000.00 or so (varies alot) and an old sword can cost orders of magnitude more depending on the swordsmith, the sword’s history, the mounting, its age, its condition and demand.

  6. Arthur Dent says:

    Made using traditional methods, or a reasonable approximation that produces a non-wall hanger sword, somewhere other than Japan: $200 at the absolute minimum, probably more like $1000-$2000.
    Made using traditional methods, in Japan, by those with a continuous tradition of making them going back to their feudal era: tens of thousands of dollars, and you may have to smuggle the damn thing out of the country.

  7. abdiver12 says:

    It largely depends on who makes it. If you get a master swordsmith, some of whom are considered living national treasures in Japan, the sword could take up to 6 months to make and cost you tens of thousands of dollars! Most of these blades are largely ceremonial and commissioned after the birth of a child or the purchase of a new house for “protection.” The descendent of the ancient master Bokuden is making swords today and continuing the family tradition hundreds of years after his famous ancestor. Even the kind of steel they use is made in a traditional manner by getting it from river beds then making the “tamahagane” by melting and purifying it with traditional methods. So it all depends on the reputation of the maker and how much you’re willing to spend.

  8. nwohioguy says:

    First off the ancient methods of creating Katana are only duplicated today. They were lost forever during the Meiji restoration. That being said there are a few places that make pretty authentic and functional Katana today but no one use the proper steel and folding method that once was so highly sought after by the Samurai. Also a shinken is a live blade…or any sword that is sharp…it has nothing to do with it being a function sword…but people market it in this manner to sell their swords at higher prices.

    Paul Chen makes custom katana for people and his hanwei blades are some of the most highly regarded functional katana today. A non custom katana will range from $300 to $3000 for decent ones. My custom katana was made by him and it cost me $2500 and is an incredible one. There is also a company called Bugei.com that you can custom order katana through.

    Now in terms of authentic katana that are from the Edo period of Japan a good one in excellent shape can cost as much as $10-20,000 but they are rare to find anymore.

  9. dmja 45 says:

    Best to get one already made.Nearly impossible to find someone that will make one,it takes a month to do so.Not going to happen like in Kill Bill volume 2.

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