Another brilliant Episode from the masked ninja

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7 Comments to “Ask A Ninja Special Delivery 9 “AKON Weapons Policy””

  1. Lowbudget2 says:

    Register yourself.. haha.

  2. rriinnnniirr says:

    only the ones with the red background are good, pretty much all with the blueish white background r gay

  3. s1234520 says:

    do the grandma test XD

  4. ErickXD14 says:

    Rally? Hmm.. its annoying.

  5. harrynic says:

    i just love the song in the beggining! :)

  6. doomofkvicksud says:

    “Don’t even bring pictures of Oprah” Hahahahah
    Man this guy is really priceless !!

  7. pondusm says:

    He’s fucking hillarious :P

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