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The online as well as offline marketplace is awash with a plethora of fantasy swords and if you are looking at buying one for yourself’ you would truly be spoilt for choice. The wide range of fantasy swords includes ancient medieval swords’ popular movie swords’ replica swords’ military swords’ samurai swords’ etc. One can also [...]

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Man asked: Via Consumer confidence in their vehicles because of low quality American vehicle production in the 1980s? Quote: ‘From the moment they wake, they devote themselves to the perfection of whatever they pursue.’ – Tom Cruise as General Nathan Algren (Movie: Last Samurai 2003) While Tom Cruise said it, you’d see a blacksmith making [...]

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Gfjgfdjgd F asked: idk even my freind told me they are very rare to find over ther but thaT DOT MAKE SENSE cause japan well started the mastery of swords but still anyways were can i find katana swords in japan are they common?Create a video blog…instantly.

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